Monday, January 31, 2011

To future UNC student:

I highly recommend completing your Advanced Practice Selective rotation in Oporto, Portugal. I know 4th-year can be a hectic and expensive year already, but after you're through interviews, you must admit things finally slow down. Also, there are several scholarships available to supplement the cost of travel. If you enjoy traveling and living abroad, and are curious to work in alternate health delivery systems, Portugal is a fantastic option.  Dr.Felix and Dr. Basto, the UNC and HSJ physicians, are commited to coordinating an enriching and well-organized month for you.

Main entrance--Met Dr.Basto just inside on my first day

There are two blogs that I know of, created by previous UNC students, which have a wealth of useful logistical information for getting oriented to the city and planning your stay. I can't really add much more, except to say that you are more than welcome to email me with questions or concerns at jennifer.euna.lee [at] gmail [dot] com. I will also be doing a rotation at King's College London if you have any queries about that!

My team: Dr.Pestana (attending), Felipa (Intern), Joana (1st yr resident), Ana (6th/final yr med student), Catarina (2nd yr resident), me. Did I tell mention there's a 6:1 female:male ratio in medical schools in Portugal?

Useful links:
Hospital Sao Joao: (google translate is very good here)
Official Porto Tourism:

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