Tuesday, October 12, 2010


35°N seemed so long ago.

On August 14, I got married to a wonderful man in Clemmons, North Carolina. It was a typical hot and sticky summer day, and it's already faded into a memory...a sweet dream of clinking ice in the sweet limades, layers of white poofy organza and laughing faces whom you can't quite make out.

Two months and 5 countries later, my new husband and I have finally settled into a cozy flat in the middle of London, just steps from the British Museum and the best chippie in the town(North Sea Fish). Here at 51°N, the summer sun is already fading fast and the trees are just touched with the turning colors. Everyone and everything seems to be clinging to the last bits of warm sunny days. Maybe they know something I've only heard about...the dreaded rainy and gloomy London winters.

I join the rebellion against summer's end!--no black tights nor brown scarves, warming cinnamon or nutmeg! For as long as I can, I will savor the late summer blessings with sweet pears, crisp apples, and the delicate flesh of plump figs..with a glass of white wine in the park.

Tanglewood Park
Clemmons, NC

Oxford, England

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